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Cancer, COVID-19 and flu season: What you need to know

November 12, 2020

Viral respiratory season occurs annually during the winter months in the United States. What many people call "flu season" actually involves a..

Quit Smoking in 7 Actionable Steps

October 23, 2020

One in 16 Americans will be diagnosed with lung cancer during their lifetime, which means anyone can get lung cancer. However, there is one risk..

7 Things That May Surprise You About Prostate Cancer

October 15, 2020

For men, prostate cancer is the second-most common type of cancer, with approximately 1 in 9 men being diagnosed in their lifetime. Because of..

Breast Density and Its Effect on Your Cancer Screening

October 7, 2020

If you’ve had a mammogram and your doctor told you your breasts are dense, you may be wondering what exactly that means and whether it changes..