Our oncology social workers talk with patients and their families about emotional or physical needs, and help them find support services and other appropriate community resources.

A cancer diagnosis can affect many areas of a patient’s life, causing them to feel overwhelmed.

Some of the needs that social workers will commonly identify and assist with include:

  • Transportation and housing needs
  • Financial concerns that patients may have about paying medical bills, rent, or utilities
  • Limitations that patients may have independently performing daily life needs, such as bathing, cooking, or dressing
  • Support for mental health, emotional health, or self-image concerns
  • Advanced care planning and documenting future healthcare wishes 

In this episode of our podcast, Cancer Care Today, we explore the role of the oncology social worker and the ways in which they help patients and their families navigate the many emotional, social, and financial aspects of a cancer diagnosis.


Nicole Reitsma, LICSW, is a certified oncology social worker and part of the Minnesota Oncology social work team.

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